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Marketing Solutions NC

2019 7 Lakes Drive
Seven Lakes
Phone: 910-673-2260
Tom Zaleski enjoyed over 35 years of self-employment as a teacher, retailer, distributor, and manufacturer’s representative. Having earned a Degree in Education at the State University of New York at Oswego, New York, training and giving guidance was a natural undertaking. As a manufacturer’s representative, he developed several business management training programs for his clients as well as for the companies he represented. Tom retired to West End, North Carolina, to enjoy his love for golf, yet continued to find time to grow by attending classes at Sandhills Community College. In retirement, he observed many small business owners struggling to grow their business, keep clients and be more profitable with less effort. He decided to launch Marketing Solutions.

In today’s business world, there are numerous resources available that can enhance businesses, both small and large. the interesting fact is that today, a business can grow with much less effort and expense than in years past. It is knowing how to build awareness, visibility, and positive interactions with future clients and customers that is the key. There are a variety of communication channels out there, so contact Tom to explore the opportunities about how to broaden your horizons in today’s market place and unlock the growth of your business.
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